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The CRM Contact interface is highly optimized because contact relationships are the core of any business. There is a great deal of information you can specify for each contact, it is organized so as to not be overwhelming. Each client’s record includes details on contact info, social media, associated processes, relationships, a complete interaction history for the contact, and more. View logged calls & emails, schedule a calendar event, or assign an action related to the contact. Maintain a list of your key contacts and stay on top of the pulse of the sales flow.

Most organizations have some type of sales funnel where leads move from one stage to another as they become more qualified. Since this process is often unique and may be different for distinct types of customers CRM has a simplified interface for creating a process pipeline. These process stages can be implemented in a number of dynamic ways, allowing users to identify segments of their contacts, accounts, and opportunities in various stages of interaction

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations.
ERP double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

Reduce your stock while always staying replenished. ERP Inventory is fully integrated with the Purchase module, so you can trigger automatic RFQs to your suppliers when your stocks levels are too low.

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Web development has been one of HSC core strengths right from the beginning. Years of experience and expertise in designing and developing engaging web applications using a gamut of technologies, positions us uniquely to serve your business needs better. Our rich web applications development experience, flexible business model, and fine-tuned processes can translate to high quality, faster time-to-market, and less cost.

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