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We provide Data Center Hosting Services: Private Cages, Cabinets, SuitesServers, Storage, Bandwidth and Migration services.

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Data-Center Cloud Hosting


The data-center migration transformation journey is all about speed or agility. Our approach for implementing digital migration transformation focuses on enabling speed, and to help enterprises succeed. Our approach for enabling speed and agility is based on architecture to build a platform driven from consumption to data and enabled by task-specific apps deployed incrementally and iteratively within the organization. If you’re considering to modernize mission-critical applications and you’re planning on a “data-center” migration or “decommissioning on-premise” file-servers into a private cloud cage, suite, or server cabinet as part of this process.


We can help. 


Supercharge your team with Success

We offer server Cloud Data-Center Hosting. You will get more capability & features for less cost than the competition. Do you have a Local or Global footprint? NO PROBLEM!  We can help no matter how small or large.  We have:

  • Data-Centers in North America (EST,CST,MST,PST)
  • Data-Centers in Europe
  • Data-Centers in Asia & Oceania
  • Data-Centers in Africa
  • Data-Centers in South America 

Dedicated Server Hosting Management. Compliance, and reduce costs by using your existing software licenses. Many companies have switched to us to get better service and price. Website security, automated updates & patches, automated backups, monitoring. Let’s discuss your Compute, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, and CPU core needs.

Compare us to others – You will notice a BIG Difference why clients have made the switch to us. 

Private Cages


  • Built-to-order with space assigned based on power allocations and cabinet quantity
  • Mesh walls, demarcation rack with patch panels, locking door, ladder rack and fiber raceway up to first cabinet position or up to 10 feet
  • Security accessories include dedicated cameras and biometric hand scanners



  • Steel frames with lockable, fully ventilated doors, reversible left-or right-windowed doors, top cover fitted with fans, optional shelving, zone-4 compliant bracing and straps in earthquake zones
  • High-power cabinets available based on special design request approvals
  • Half and quarter cabinets available in select International data centers



  • Customized areas fully enclosed by solid partitions
  • Walls, doors, cable trays for power and cables, security and PDUs
  • Cross connects run to patch panels in designated cabinets

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