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We are Hosted Services Corporation – one of the leading US providers of Data Center Cloud Hosting, Cloud Services, Managed IT Services and Business Continuity. Hosted Services is proud to be a leader. If you’re considering looking to modernize mission-critical applications and you’re planning on a “data-center” migration, “decommissioning on-premise”, “building an on-premise data-center”, file-servers into a cloud cage, suite, or server cabinet as part of this process. We can provide solutions for your Business Transformation, Cloud Hosting, Integration, Scalability, and Cost Savings.

We want to be your partner.

We’ve been delivering IT services and technology to businesses since 2007. We want your Business to succeed. We know that you will be so happy with our strategic IT solutions for your business, we will be long-term partners. As a complete end to end Data-Center solutions provider we can host your services in the Cloud and simplify your business. Our business continuity availability services keep you working at all times. Whatever your needs, our professional experts can advise, plan and deploy, while our engineers are easily available for your support.

Our mission is to be the no. 1 choice for businesses
that need to be online no matter what,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We provide them with a platform consisting of the most advanced solutions in the field of IT infrastructure.

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Research and Analytics

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Over the years, we’ve worked on demanding projects in various industries. That’s why we understand your needs so well.

Startup Entrepreneur Companies are characterized by dynamic growth and the requirements evolve along with the company development. That’s why it’s so important that the environments made for them are scalable and able to increase their efficiency along with growing needs. We can help..

eCommerce industry relies on high availability and strong internet connection. They ensure that the environment can handle all e-store customers and heavy traffic. We can help..

On-Premises Businesses benefit from our support in management of your IT infrastructure and services. Our consultants can assist your company with system and application design and implementation to take advantage of container orchestration technologies in any cloud environment. We can help..

Digital Agencies Industry often need diverse hardware configurations to support different marketing campaigns. They may also be interested in IT outsourcing, e.g. through a hired external IT team. We can help..

Finance Industry servers have some of the strictest configuration requirements, especially in terms of security. It usually implicates redundancy in every aspect of the server infrastructure. We can help..

Software Industry business relies on many decentralized clients. The infrastructure has to be efficient and able to scale with a growing number of users. Good protection against DDoS is important, too. We can help..



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